At Sea with the pianoman

'Sea's the Moment' tells of a ten-year period when the pianoman sailed the oceans on top cruise ships rebuilding his life. This followed the incident where he was poisoned by deadly polonium after drinking from the cup that killed Alexander Litvinenko.

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary II and Oasis of the Sea's were amongst the liners he performed and often humorous tales give an insight to life onboard and offshore.

The tales from the high seas, which are often comical, give an insight to life onboard and offshore including stories about crew, guests, destinations, world cruises, fellow entertainers, celebrities and how breaks at sea have changed. As well as providing laughter, readers will also pick up valuable tips about cruises. ‘Sea’s the Moment’ is a good read for those folks looking forward to a cruise, have sailed in the past or anyone seeking a light read.

The 32,000 plus word book includes a number of stories about unusual and celebrity passengers including the rich couple who found themselves arrested and thrown off ship at the next port. A German guy wheeled in to the bar on a trolley with his head and shoulders wired to gadgets within the push along apparatus, 

The crew is usually from all over the world, which produces some fascinating tales and short breaks on land can often create controversy, such as a bar off the Mexican coast named the 'No Name Bar' that has often been the downfall of many a crew member, some of whom have lost their jobs.

John Cleese, Rod Stewart and Ed Sheran are amongst many who travel on cruise ships and other passengers include a man whose head sits on top of a tea trolley. Unusual guests are the norm and deaths and marriages are amongst the challenges for Derek.

Playing piano daily to large audiences is not easy, but the Irishman has seen many destinations and shares his views in this book.